Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spb Finance User Manual

Download Spb Finance User Manual.pdf Spb Finance is a financial manager that you can carry in your pocket. You don't have to write down all your day's expenses and transfer them to your desktop PC financial manager later. Enter your expenses into Spb Finance on the spot and forget about them, Spb Finance will remember them for you. Entering a transaction is a two-click business, since Spb Finance has a built-in auto completion feature. You can also use Spb Finance as a standalone application or as a Pocket PC companion for Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken Do you use Microsoft Money or Quicken at your desktop? Spb Finance has special features for synchronization with these products.

Spb Finance Standard Edition is a powerful stand-alone Pocket PC solution for personal finance management. With Spb Finance Standard Edition you can do all the common tasks you would expect from a modern finance management program being capable of: creating, editing and deleting transactions, creating and browsing detailed reports, transferring funds between accounts, managing budgets and much more.

While Spb Finance Standard Edition can export and import transactions in QIF format that is recognized by most financial applications on the market, it does not provide functionality for keeping your Pocket PC and desktop PC financial data in sync automatically.
Finance User Manual

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