Saturday, February 19, 2011

HP PSC 1400 user manual

HP PSC 1400 user manual
Download free HP PSC 1400 user manual.pdf This HP PSC 1400 manual, HP PSC 1400 User Guide, HP PSC 1400 Owners Manual, HP PSC 1400 instruction manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the HP PSC 1400.

Table contents of HP PSC 1400 User manual

HP All-in-One overview
The HP All-in-One at a glance ~ Control panel overview ~ Status light overview ~ Use the HP Image Zone to do more with your HP All-in-One ~ Find more information ~ Connection information
Load originals and load paper
Load an original ~ Choose papers for printing and copying ~ Load paper ~ Avoid paper jams
Use the copy features
Set the copy paper type ~ Increase copy speed or quality ~ Make multiple copies ~ Make a borderless copy of a photo ~ Resize an original to fit onto letter or A4 paper ~ Stop copying
Print from your computer
Print from a software application ~ Make the HP All-in-One the default printer ~ Stop a print job
Use the scan features
Scan from the control panel ~ Adjust the preview image ~ Stop scanning
Use HP Instant Share
Overview ~ Get started ~ Send images using your computer
Order supplies
Order paper, transparency film, or other media ~ Order print cartridges ~ Order other supplies
Maintain your HP All-in-One
Clean the HP All-in-One ~ Check the estimated ink levels ~ Print a self-test report ~ Work with print cartridges
Troubleshooting information
Before you call HP Support ~ View the Readme file ~ Setup troubleshooting ~ Operational troubleshooting ~ Device update
Get HP support
Get support and other information from the Internet ~ Warranty support ~ HP customer support ~ Access your serial number and service ID ~ Contact HP ~ Call HP Korea customer support ~ Prepare your HP All-in-One for shipment
Technical information
System requirements ~ Paper specifications ~ Print specifications ~ Copy specifications ~ Scan specifications ~ Physical specifications ~ Power specifications ~ Environmental specifications ~ Additional specifications ~ Environmental product stewardship program ~ Regulatory notices

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