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Samsung VP-DC165 Camcorder Instruction

Download free Samsung VP-DC165 Camcorder Instruction Owners Manual pdf. This Samsung VP-DC165 Camcorder User Guide contains the information you need when installing and configuring the Samsung VP-DC165 Camcorder.

Table contents of Samsung VP-DC165 Camcorder Manual

Notes and Safety Instructions
Usable Discs ~ Disc Type Description ~ How to use the DVD Camcorder easily ~ Accessories Supplied with the DVD Camcorder ~ Front & Left View ~ Left Side View ~ Right & Top View ~ Rear & Bottom View ~ Remote Control
Using the Hand Strap & Lens Cover ~ Lithium Battery Installation ~ Using the Lithium Ion Battery Pack ~ Connecting a Power Source ~ About the Operating Modes ~ Using the Joystick ~ Using the QUICK MENU ~ OSD (On Screen Display) in Camera Mode/Player Mode ~ OSD (On Screen Display) in M.Cam Mode/M.Player Mode (VP-DC163(i)/DC165W(i)/DC165WB(i) only) ~ Turning the OSD (On Screen Display) On/Off
Initial Setting : System Menu Setting
Setting the Clock (Clock Set) ~ Setting the Wireless Remote Control Acceptance (Remote) (VP-DC163(i)/DC165W(i)/DC165WB(i) only) ~ Setting the Beep Sound (Beep Sound) ~ Setting the Shutter Sound (Shutter Sound) (VP-DC163(i)/DC165W(i)/DC165WB(i) only) ~ Selecting the OSD Language (Language) ~ Viewing the Demonstration (Demonstration)
Initial Setting : Display Menu Setting
Adjusting the LCD Screen (LCD Bright/LCD Colour) ~ Displaying the Date/Time (Date/Time)
DVD Camcorder: Before Recording
Using the Viewfinder ~ Various Recording Techniques ~ Inserting and Removing a Disc ~ Selecting the Record Mode (Rec Mode)
DVD Camcorder: Basic Recording
Making your First Recording ~ Recording with Ease for Beginners (EASY.Q Mode) ~ Using External Microphone ~ Zooming In and Out ~ Using the Fade In and Out (FADE) ~ Using Back Light Compensation Mode (BLC) ~ Using the Color Nite ~ Using the LED LIGHT
DVD Camcorder: Advanced Recording
Cutting Off Wind Noise (Wind Cut) ~ Setting the Shutter Speed & Exposure (Shutter/Exposure) ~ Auto Focus / Manual Focus ~ Programmed Automatic Exposure Modes (Program AE) ~ Setting the White Balance (White Balance) ~ Applying Digital Effects (Digital Effect) ~ Setting the 16:9 Wide mode (16:9 Wide) ~ Setting the Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) ~ Zooming In and Out with Digital Zoom (Digital Zoom)
DVD Camcorder: Thumbnail index and Playlist
What is the Thumbnail Index? ~ What’s a Playlist?
DVD Camcorder
Playing Title Scenes ~ Adjusting the Volume ~ Various Functions while in Player Mode ~ Zooming during Playback (PB ZOOM) ~ Deleting a Title Scene (Delete) ~ Deleting a Section of a Title scene (Partial Delete)
DVD Camcorder: Playlist
Creating a New Playlist (New Playlist) ~ Playing the Playlist ~ Deleting a Playlist (Delete) ~ Adding Scenes to Playlist (Edit Playlist-Add) ~ Changing the Order of Scene Playing within a Playlist (Edit Playlist-Move) ~ Deleting Scenes from Playlist (Edit Playlist-Delete) ~ Deleting a Section of a Playlist (Edit Playlist - Partial Delete)
DVD Camcorder: Disc Manager
Disc Information (Disc Info) ~ Editing the Disc Name (Disc Info-Rename) ~ Formatting a Disc (Disc Format) ~ Finalising a Disc (Disc Finalize) ~ Playing Back on a PC with DVD drive ~ Playing back a finalised disc on a DVD Player/Recorder ~ Unfinalising a Disc (Disc Unfinalize)
DVD Camcorder: Connection
Setting the AV In/Out (VP-DC161i/DC161Wi/DC161WBi/DC163i/DC165Wi/DC165WBi only) ~ Viewing Recordings on TV ~ Copying a Disc onto a Tape ~ Recording (Copying) a TV Programme or Video Tape onto a Disc (VP-DC161i/DC161Wi/DC161WBi/DC163i/DC165Wi/DC165WBi only)
Digital Still Camera Mode (VP-DC163(i)/DC165W(i)/DC165WB(i) only)
Using a Memory Card (Usable Memory Card)
(not supplied) ~ Memory Card Functions ~ Inserting a Memory Card ~ Ejecting a Memory Card ~ Structure of Folders and Files on the Memory Card ~ Selecting the Photo Quality (Photo Quality) ~ Setting the File Number (File No.) ~ Taking a Photo Image (JPEG) on a Memory Card ~ Viewing Photo Images (JPEG) ~ Protection from accidental Erasure (Protect) ~ Deleting Photo Images and Moving Images (Delete) ~ Formatting the Memory Card (Format) ~ Recording Moving Images (MPEG) on a Memory Card ~ Playing the Moving Images (MPEG) on a Memory Card ~ Recording Still images onto a Memory Card during DVD playback ~ Marking Images for Printing (Print Mark)
USB Interface (VP-DC163(i)/DC165W(i)/DC165WB(i) only)
Using USB Interface ~ Selecting the USB Device (USB Connect) ~ Installing DV Media PRO Program ~ Connecting to a PC ~ Disconnecting the USB Cable ~ Using the PC Camera Function ~ Using the USB Streaming Function ~ Using the removable Disk Function
Using Your DVD Camcorder Abroad
Troubleshooting ~ Setting menu items
Power Sources (United Kingdom Only)
Samsung VP-DC165 Camcorder Instruction

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