Thursday, April 7, 2011

iPhone and iPod touch Enterprise Deployment Guide

Learn how to integrate iPhone and iPod touch with your enterprise systems. This guide is for system administrators. It provides information about deploying and supporting iPhone and iPod touch in enterprise environments.

Table content of iPhone and iPod touch Enterprise Deployment Guide

iPhone in the Enterprise ~ What’s New for the Enterprise in iPhone OS 3.0 and Later ~ System Requirements ~ Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync ~ VPN ~ Network Security ~ Certificates and Identities ~ Email Accounts ~ LDAP Servers ~ CalDAV Servers ~ Additional Resources
Chapter 1
Deploying iPhone and iPod touch ~ Activating Devices ~ Preparing Access to Network Services and Enterprise Data ~ Determining Device Passcode Policies ~ Configuring Devices ~ Over-the-Air Enrollment and Configuration ~ Other Resources
Chapter 2
Creating and Deploying Configuration Profiles ~ About iPhone Configuration Utility ~ Creating Configuration Profiles ~ Editing Configuration Profiles ~ Installing Provisioning Profiles and Applications ~ Installing Configuration Profiles ~ Removing and Updating Configuration Profiles
Chapter 3
Manually Configuring Devices ~ VPN Settings ~ Wi-Fi Settings ~ Exchange Settings ~ Installing Identities and Root Certificates ~ Additional Mail Accounts ~ Updating and Removing Profiles ~ Other Resources
Chapter 4
Deploying iTunes ~ Installing iTunes ~ Quickly Activating Devices with iTunes ~ Setting iTunes Restrictions ~ Backing Up iPhone with iTunes
Chapter 5
Deploying iPhone Applications ~ Registering for Application Development ~ Signing Applications ~ Creating the Distribution Provisioning Profile ~ Installing Provisioning Profiles Using iTunes ~ Installing Provisioning Profiles Using iPhone Configuration Utility ~ Installing Applications Using iTunes ~ Installing Applications Using iPhone Configuration Utility ~ Using Enterprise Applications ~ Disabling an Enterprise Application ~ Other Resources
Appendix A
Cisco VPN Server Configuration ~ Supported Cisco Platforms ~ Authentication Methods ~ Authentication Groups ~ Certificates ~ IPSec Settings ~ Other Supported Features
Appendix B
Configuration Profile Format ~ Root Level ~ Payload Content ~ Profile Removal Password Payload ~ Passcode Policy Payload ~ Email Payload ~ Web Clip Payload ~ Restrictions Payload ~ LDAP Payload ~ CalDAV Payload ~ Calendar Subscription Payload ~ SCEP Payload ~ APN Payload ~ Exchange Payload ~ VPN Payload ~ Wi-Fi Payload ~ Sample Configuration Profiles
Appendix C
Sample Scripts

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