Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Download sharp carousel microwave manual

Download sharp carousel microwave manual
Thank you for buying a Sharp Microwave Oven. Please keep this operation manual handy, as it describes all the features of your oven and will enable you to cook many varieties of foods. The manual is divided into two sections: 1.OPERATION (P2~P15) This section describes your oven and teaches you how to use all the features. 2.COOKING GUIDES This section is at the back of the manual, it contains the more commonly used information such as how to prepare food, which cooking utensil to use, standing time. It also contains recipes for automatic cooking and manual cooking.

 Please take some time to read your operation manual carefully, paying particular attention to the warnings and special notes, the automatic cooking menus programmed into your new oven have been carefully developed to give optimum results when the step by step instructions are followed. When selecting another home appliance, please again consid- er our full range of Sharp products.
download sharp carousel microwave manual here

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