Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sharp fridge freezer SJ-F750SP/F800SP Operation Manual

Sharp fridge freezer SJ-F750SP Manual
this is SJ-F750SP/F800SP Operation-Manual This refrigerator contains flammable refrigerant (R600a: isobutane) and insulation blowing gas (cyclopentane). Observe the following rules to prevent ignition and explosion.
• The refrigeration system behind and inside the refrigerator contains refrigerant. Do not allow any sharp objects to come into contact with the refrigeration system.
• Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process. (This refrigerator has adopted automatic defrosting system.)
• Do not use electric appliances inside the refrigerator.
 • Use only the specified parts for the refrigerator compartment light.
• Do not block the openings on the circumference of the refrigerator.
• If the refrigeration system should get punctured, do not touch the wall outlet and do not use open flames. Open the window and air out the room. Then ask a service agent approved by SHARP for servicing.
• This refrigerator should be disposed appropriately.
Take the refrigerator to a recycling plant for flammable refrigerant and insulation blowing gases.

download  here sharp fridge freezer SJ-F750SP/F800SP Operation Manual

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